GRAND WOOD is a private company specialized on the production and distribution of:

  • bio-fuel materials and
  • transport material

made from 100% ecological and sustainable raw material sources collected as saw by-products.

Our company philosophy is based on:

  • high quality and reliability based on first class raw materials, to guarantee customer satisfaction,
  • market intimacy,
  • technological expertise related to the processing of saw by-products, and
  • dedicated and professional people

GRAND WOOD is located in the Russian forest industry of the Republic of Komi and are serving customers all over Russia, CIS and Europe. Our products are certified according to ecologic standards.

GRAND WOOD exclusively sources high quality raw materials from certified sources in the Republic of Komi. All raw material purchases are based on a strict quality control process and satisfy highest cleanness levels.

GRAND WOOD solely works with the company K-BEG (“Kirakosyan Bio-Engineering Group”) with regard to machinery supply and erection.

Looking forward to becoming your partner of choice.



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REPUBLIC OF KOMI, Syktyvkar, Region Chovyou, 1st Industrial Street, 53