Pellets are an environmental-friendly and highly economical alternative biofuel source. This modern type of biofuel well replaces gas, oil and heavy oil, coal and other fuel sources.

A ton of pellets is equivalent to 500 liters of heating oil and has a 3.4 times lower CO2 emission than natural gasoline and 5 times lower than heating oil!

Pellets have a high calorific value and are environmental-friendly, which makes it the best fuel choice for you!

The main raw materials for production of pellets are saw by-products from hardwood and softwood which are then transformed into small granules of cylindrical shape with a diameter of 4–10 mm.

97.5 RUB.

15 kg.

260 RUB.

40 kg.

6 500 RUB.

1 t.

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Glued laminated timber (checker, pallet boss), produced by extrusion pressing.
For the manufacture of pallet blocks we use sustainable raw material resources such as saw by-products with the addition of adhesive material.

Our product has a high crack and break resistance, moisture resistance and meets the requirements of the international standard for phytosanitary measures ISPM 15

9 000 RUB.

1 m3 (600 kg.)

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Trade and transport enterprises of many countries of the world have already managed to get used to convenient shaped transport pallets of wood chips. Wood chip pallets have become a very reliable and profitable alternative to traditional solid wood transport pallets.
The fact that according to the recognized international rules for the transportation of goods, only wood materials that are reliably protected from pesticides, pests and parasites are allowed to utilized. Grand Wood of guarantees all this criteria, which are already used in the EU, Switzerland, USA, India, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, South Korea, Egypt, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and the Philippines, with Japan and Taiwan to follow soon.

In accordance with the new rules, products made of solid wood and used in packaging and transporting goods must undergo chemical or thermal sanitization. At the same time, our pallets are exempt from passing such a procedure, since due to the production process, which involves pressure and high temperature, we automatically provide all requisites for the necessary sanitary protection.

However, the most important and indisputable advantage of chipboard pallets and pallet blocks is their low cost, because various wood waste can be used as raw materials, including saw dust and saw by-products.

Already for this reason, the production of chipboard pallets is cost effective.