Presswood pallets are eco-friendly pallets of compressed saw by-products and synthetic resins.

The moulded products are pressed under high temperature and consequently dried to a moisture content of below 10%. There is no need for additional treatment against pesticides, …., since the production process guarantees the extinction of infestation and replaces the need for additional fumigation.

Quite recently, it was a new product for our country, but thanks to the multiple advantages, chipboard pallets bypassed their competitors made from solid wood. Moreover, based on the norms of international transportation and following these hygienic standards, only packaging that is reliably protected from parasites, fungi and mold is allowed to be used for transportation purposes of goods and products.


  • Sterilized and protected from insects, parasites, fungi, etc.
    Minimum moisture content (allows you to not worry about the appearance of insects during long-term storage of pallets)
    High resistance to mechanical damage
    The possibility of manufacturing pallets according to individual sizes
    Solid construction
    Safety (eliminates splinters during operation)
  • Lower weight than wooden pallets (60% lighter)
  • Super compactness (significant saving of space when transporting or storing pallets)
    No nails and screws
  • Low cost.

After production our finished pallets are not immediately delivered to the customer. We test them for quality, strenght and durability with the help of selected pallet control devices. Testing includes not only pallets, but also resin and a curing agent.


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